Is iBrochure a software solution?

No, our iBrochure solution is an browser and platform independent online application. Which means that you can use it on any platform (windows, linux, mac, android, …) and any browser (Safari, Internet explorer, firefox, Google chrome, Konquerer,…).

What do i get when i purchase an iBrochure (zero - minimal – basic – pro)

When the iBrochure (minimal – basic – pro) is purchased you get the following:

  • Your iBrochure will be activated for 36 months on our server (so you can still change colors, logo’s, templates,…)
  • You can download the created iBrochure as a ZIP file after you made some changes.
  • The ZIP file will include all the necessary files to set the iBrochure up on your own server or executables to use it on a DVD/CD/USB or other offline solution. Or you can just leave the iBrochure on our server if you don’t have your own server.

When the iBrochure zero is purchased you get the following:

After the iBrochure zero solution is purchased the advertising banners will be de-activated.
The iBrochure zero solution can’t be downloaded. The iBrochure stays hosted on our server.

What do i get when i purchase the iBrochure Publishing Cloud?

When purchasing the iBrochure Publishing Cloud (IPC) you receive a private account to convert you iBrochures (
After a succesful payment your private IPC account will be setup and you will receive the login credentials for your IPC account with in a 24 hours period.

Can i still make changes after i have purchased the iBrochure?

Yes and No,

You can change everything (templates, languages, colors, links,…) except the pages (PDF file).
So be sure to upload a correct PDF file.

Can i download the iBrochure?


After purchasing the iBrochure you can download the iBrochure as a ZIP file. (minimal – basic – pro)
The iBrochure zero solution can’t be downloaded, after activation only the advertising banners will be  de-activated.

Is an iBrochure compatible with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets,…)?

An iBrochure uses flash and flash isn’t available on most mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android 4.4+ devices,…) .
We created a special detection system which detects if you using an mobile device and shows an alternative HTML version which works on most mobile devices.

More info can be found here.

Attention: This solution is only available on iBrochure basic and pro and is not customisable with templates and does not include links (link, video, audio) created with the link manager!

I’m a publisher or advertising/marketing/web agency, can i get a discount?

We offer special partner prices for publishers and agencies.

Apply for our partner program and receive a 25% discount (one-by-one purchases) on any iBrochure instant solution (minimal – basic – pro)

Contact us at for more information or use our contactform!